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Firecleaner: a python3 script to remove duplicate Firefox bookmark entries

If you are like me, using multiple internet browsers such as IE8/9, FireFox3/4, Google Chrome on both Windows XP/7 and Ubuntu, You are going to find Xmarks  indispensible.The only pain is that bookmarks may be duplicated many times.
I finally could not bear it and come up with this solution with my favorite  script language python:
1, export bookmarks from Firefox
2, run the below script on the exported file and get an out.html file
3. delete all entries in the Firefox bookmark menu(NOT bookmark toolbar)
4. import the out.html file
Running it on my bookmarks, I get:

"Of 5142 entries scanned, 4014 are duplicated and removed"

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

class fireclean:
        this script clean up duplicated firefox bookmarks entries
    def __init__(self, fin = "bookmarks.html", fout = "out.html", flog = "leaveout.html"):
            fin:  path to the original bookmark file exported from firefox
            fout: path to the generated file
            flog: path to the file containing removed lines

        self.fin  = open(fin, encoding = 'utf-8')
        self.fout = open(fout, mode = 'w' , encoding = 'utf-8') 
        self.flog = open(flog, mode = 'w' , encoding = 'utf-8') 
        self.href_list   = []
        self.header_list = []
        self.total_lines   = 0    # line of <DT>s
        self.removed_lines = 0    # line of removed <DT>s
    def remove_u200b(self, s):
            for some reason, U+200B is found in lines, probably inserted by XMarks
            it needs to be removed before checking duplicates
        return s.replace('\u200b', '')

    def check_line(self, line, test, container):

                line: the raw line to be checked
                test: substring of line to be tested
                container: container of tested strings

                if test is found in container,
                then line is removed and written to flog
                otherwise to fout
        is_duplicate = False
        if  not test in container:
            is_duplicate = True
        return is_duplicate

    def clean(self, need_log = False):
                need_log: print the number of scanned and removed entries if True

                check duplicate HREFs for entries shown as items in FireFox bookmark manager
                check duplicate element names for entries shown as folders in FireFox bookmark manager

        for line in self.fin:
            self.total_lines += 1
            line_ = self.remove_u200b(line).strip()

            if(line_.startswith('<DT><A')): # for bookmark items
                self.removed_lines += self.check_line(line, line_.split(' ', 2)[1], self.href_list)
            elif(line_.startswith('<DT><H3')):   # for bookmark folders
                self.removed_lines += self.check_line(line, line_.rsplit('>', 2)[-2], self.header_list)
                self.total_lines -= 1
        if need_log:
            print("Of {0} entries scanned, {1} are duplicated and removed".format(self.total_lines, self.removed_lines ))
import sys
if __name__ == "__main__":
    if(len(sys.argv) > 1):


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